SG11 Multi-Coloured

SG11 Multi-Coloured
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Our SG11 Multicoloured Eyelashes are easy to apply, simply remove from tray with tweezers and apply a small amount of adhesive along the strip, wait about 20 seconds for the adhesive to go tacky and fit to your eyelid just above your natural lashes. The adhesive will dry clear. These synthetic fibre lashes come with a small tube of adhesive. With care these eyelashes can be worn several times.

1. Remove false eyelashes before you go to bed, using a warm compress or makeup remover.
2. Use makeup remover or a cotton pad soaked in warm water. To remove, gently peel false eyelashes band off lid, starting at outer corner. If you have difficulty put a little vaseline/petroleum jelly on the base of the lashes and wait until they become loose. Its very tempting to just pull them off but you may pull some of your own lashes out at the same time.
3. To clean false eyelashes, place them on a worktop and put a few drops of water over them. After a minute or so the glue will be easy to pull off of the strip. Let dry and store the lashes on the original tray and packaging, so they do not lose their shape and you can reuse them.

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